Robert LeBLanc for Burn Magazine 

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The steel ties that run thousands of miles, from coast to coast, create a majestic traveling path across America. They meander through national parks and rural countryside, well off the beaten path of the freeway. They give us the opportunity to see America for what it truly is, while also giving us a chance to intimately connect with others and create moments that will last a lifetime. There is something pure about traveling by train—the way it seems to slow down time to a peaceful and serene experience that is just not offered by car, bus or plane. But this majestic and inspiring way to travel across America is now in jeopardy with the new budget plan proposed by President Trump and his administration. He is proposing to cut 630 million in federal funding for the fifteen long-distance Amtrak train lines that currently exist, eliminating the ability to travel across America by train by 2019. Over the past year I have documented America by train, traveling through its unique landscapes, stopping at small towns well off the beaten path of heavy-traveled highways and busy airports, connecting with the people, and presenting what America is like in the twenty-first century. With the possibility of these long-distance trains being shut down, this might be the last opportunity to document America from one end to another via these unique routes.
The images submitted were taken while traveling by train, stopping in both small towns and major cities across America.
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