Something to help drown out lifes daily nonsense.


Big Expectations

A health serving of rap for your belly

For The Love of Overalls

Some smooooooth R&B for your ears.

For The Lifestyle

Neck breaking jams.

Doing Big Things

Nothing but pure gully rap. 100% gangsta.


Gina's Mixtape

Some smooth jazzy and soul vibes to de-wind you after whatever you had to deal with today. 


In the Streets

The homie Druz come at it again with a heavy hitting punk mix. Get ready to break some shit. 


LA Aliens

Druz mixes it up with some LA hiphop and beat flavor. A must to slap when you're BBQ'ing on a sunny Saturday. 


Never Gonna Give Up

Druz takes you back in to time with some classic soul and funk for your ears. Nothing but good vibes.


you Aint Bout It

RAAAAAAAAAP!!! No Limit Soldiers Salute! We Bout it. 


Bag of Goodies

Druz lays down some jazz and acid jazz for your ears with a touch of soul.


$5 Dollar Dinner

A full serving of Rap, with a side of Rap. 


Vol. 10

Chopped and Screwed baby!!


Big Moutains and one little Rat Dog

Chill and mellow mood for you and your lady. She'll love it, I garuentee it.


Black on Black Everything



I Need some Roark

Prepare to take a trip to hip-hop space, with intergalactic sound waves.


Hipsters Go Topless

Your hipster friends will finally think you're cool with these spacy jams


California Dreamin

Wavy music for those sunny Cali days. 


Breaking Bread

This mix is for my people with robot ears, I couldn't forget about you guys. 


Airplanes and Doctors

Your daily dose of hip-hop, just like the doctor ordered. 


Crepes and Homemade Pizza

Sunday Morning jams while you and your lady get ready for brunch. 


Holy Shit Batman

This is exactly what Robin said to Batman when he slapped this mix.


Semble Juste

She going to love you when you start playing this one. 


It's All MAdness

We are all in it together people, so lets just burn one together.