A New America




My name is Robert LeBlanc. I’m a documentary photographer based in America and I would like to present to you a project I've been working on for the past few years called “A New America.”

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You might have recognized my work from a book I published titled "Unlawful Conduct", a 5-year collection of images shot entirely with 35mm point and shoot cameras. This book was sold worldwide and highlighted in premier books store including MOMAPS1 in New York, Frye Art Museum in Seattle and SO Books in Tokyo, Japan.

My most recent work focused on the wildland firefighters battling the forest fires in Montana, the devastating damage and flooding from Hurricane Irma, and the Border Patrol agents on the northern border between The United States and Canada.


Montana Forest Fires

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Hurricane Irma

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Northern Border Patrol

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 I’m deeply captivated by the culture of the United States and the diversity that makes each state so unique. “A New America” is inspired by Robert Franks “ The Americans”, one of the most, if not the most influential photo book to depict the cultural landscape of The United States. Rendering the world a true unfiltered visual of the America life as a whole. Robert composed this gorgeous body of work during the 50s and 60s after WW2, depicting the enormous cultural shift America was going through. This book has been my bible for the past 10 years. I travel everywhere with it and it stills continues to inspire me throughout my images today.

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 I strongly feel that America is currently going through a tremendous shift in culture and it's an ideal time to document this transition now, just like Robert Frank. Our goal is to tell the emotional rhythms of the United States; to portray underlying realities and misgivings — how it feels to be wealthy, poor, in love, to be alone, be young or old, black or white, to live along a country road or to walk a crowded sidewalk, to be overworked or sleeping in parks.

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 A Colleague and I will travel to over 40 states and 12,000 miles, from modest rural towns and truck stops, to major metropolitan cities. Completely immersing ourselves and observing every unique part of America. This project is a true visual love letter to the United States in its present age. Focusing on everything from race, poverty, politics, tech, sex, blue-collar workers, underground cultures and everything in between.

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Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and read over this project proposal, with your help I know we can develop stunning pictures of America today.